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We're looking for people who share our vision — who believe in this mission that we can protect people from infectious diseases no matter where they live. We stop the infection before it starts: we make sure our healthcare workers go home at the end of the day without worrying they're putting their family at risk and we make sure we send our friends and family to the hospital for surgery without worrying that they'll come out with something worse.

Our goal is to make it look easy. When our technology is so simple and intuitive that anyone can use it, we've done our job right. But underneath, the chemistry is complex, the reactions are layered, and fine-tuning the method of use is an art. Our work is challenging: often, we can see the big picture, and figuring out what the puzzle pieces even are is the fun part. Sometimes it's slow and frustrating, sometimes it's an impossibly tight deadline, but our work is data-driven and we don't cut corners when lives are on the line — we take our time and iterate until we get it right. And ultimately, seeing the joy and wonder on their faces when people use your product is worth it. We're on the frontier of introducing a completely new way to prevent diseases from spreading, and we're looking for bright individuals who want to contribute to the science and engineering as much as they want to join a team making a real impact.

All positions are currently filled. 

However, we're always keeping our eye out for talent — feel free to send us a note to get in touch and introduce yourself at:

Kinnos is an equal opportunity employer.