Highlight® Wipes

Welcome to the new era of environmental cleaning. Highlight® Wipes is revolutionizing infection prevention with colorized disinfection that:

  • Significantly enhances thoroughness of cleaning to combat HAIs and antimicrobial resistance. Read our whitepapers here.

  • Eliminates human error through real-time color-change feedback that overcomes language, education, and training barriers in a way that makes EVS and clinical staff feel empowered.

  • Enforces compliance that may improve HCAHPS scores, assist in Joint Commission and CMS evaluations, and help satisfy HACRP and HVBPP requirements.

  • Saves hospitals money by reducing bleach corrosion that damages surfaces and equipment, preventing wipes from drying out, and training staff on effective disinfection technique every time the product is used.


Highlight® Wipes is a revolutionary, patented two-part system that consists of the Lid and the Cartridge:


Highlight® Wipes Lid (and Adapter)

The Lid fits on all standard bleach wipe canisters and the Adapter enables attachment to larger pail and bucket containers commonly used by EVS. With a simple press of a button, colorized wipes are seamlessly fed out for use. The Lid can be reused for up to one year.


The Lid makes it easy to use disinfectants optimally:

  • Compatible with existing brands of bleach wipes you're already using for immediate implementation.
  • Wipes are fed out horizontally to prevent splashing of disinfectant on clothes or face.
  • After 5 minutes of inactivity, wipes are automatically retracted to prevent drying out, saving you money.

Highlight® Wipes Cartridge

Each Cartridge comes pre-filled with Highlight® fluid and pre-installed with fresh batteries, so it's as easy as plug the Cartridge in and go. Cartridges are single-use disposables, where one Cartridge is designed to be used with one container of bleach wipes.


Highlight® simplifies disinfection:

  • The blue color makes it easy to keep track of coverage while fading from blue to clear approximates contact time.
  • Empowers staff to self-monitor and quality control thoroughness of cleaning in real-time.
  • Formulated anti-corrosion properties mean less damage on surfaces and equipment caused by bleach.

Join the waitlist today

We’re looking for early adopters to help us pioneer the new standard of infection prevention. If you are a hospital, nursing home, outpatient center, or other healthcare facility interested in implementing this advanced technology, please reach out to team@kinnos.us or visit our contact form here. Currently only available for bleach wipes.