Kinnos Publishes Paper Demonstrating Improved Coverage of Bleach with Highlight®

New York, April 18, 2018 – Kinnos Inc. on Thursday published a brief report in American Journal of Infection Control. The study, conducted with funding from the USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge, quantified bleach coverage on a vertical hard, non-porous surface with and without the Highlight® color additive. Highlight® colorizes bleach solutions to visualize full coverage, modifies the liquid properties to allow bleach solutions to fully spread and adhere to waterproof surfaces, and fades in color to indicate when the contact time has been met and decontamination is done. The researchers further explored whether Highlight® could be used to confirm whether the correct concentration of bleach had been prepared.

"Ensuring that disinfectants fully cover the surface is paramount for effective decontamination," said Kevin Tyan, the lead author of the study and Chief Technology Officer at Kinnos. Tyan et al. found that bleach alone effectively covers less than 33% of a vertical hard, non-porous surface due to hydrophobic droplet formation and subsequently decreases over time. "This is concerning given the widespread use of commercially available bleach solutions on a variety of waterproof surfaces in healthcare settings," Tyan said. Highlight® corrects for this deficiency and maintained over 99% surface coverage over an extended period of time. When combining Highlight® with different concentrations of bleach, a significant difference in color-fading time was observed with just a 0.1% difference in hypochlorite concentration. The authors suggest the color-fading time of Highlight® could be used to confirm whether bleach solutions are prepared properly.

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Kinnos (Brooklyn, NY) aims to raise the standard of infection prevention to protect healthcare workers, patients, and the general public from infection. Their first product, Highlight®, is a patent-pending point-of-use additive that greatly improves visibility, coverage, and end-user compliance of disinfectants. Highlight® is used by HazMat and biosafety units, was a winner of the USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge, and has been field-tested by NGOs and healthcare workers in Liberia, Guinea, and Haiti. Highlight® will soon be available for bleach wipes in hospitals. For more information, visit:

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