Kinnos Publishes Paper on Field-Testing Results of Highlight® in Liberia and Guinea

New York, November 21, 2017 – Kinnos Inc. on Tuesday published a short report in Journal of Hospital Infection. The study, conducted with funding from the USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge, trained and surveyed over 90 healthcare workers in Liberia and Guinea on the Highlight® color additive. Highlight® is a powder additive combined directly with existing bleach solutions that colorizes them to visualize surface coverage, modifies the liquid properties to allow bleach solutions to fully spread and adhere to waterproof surfaces, and fades in color to indicate when the contact time has been met and decontamination is done.

"Receiving feedback from healthcare workers on the ground with direct experience in the Ebola outbreak has been instrumental in the development of Highlight®," said Jason Kang, the lead author of the study and Chief Executive Officer at Kinnos. Kang et al. first surveyed healthcare workers on their perception of current bleach decontamination protocols, finding inconsistencies between their knowledge of proper disinfection technique and what they do in practice. After using Highlight®, Kang et al. observed a more methodical approach by healthcare workers towards disinfection spraying technique, with 100% of respondents preferring Highlight® over bleach alone. The vast majority of healthcare workers found Highlight® very easy-to-use and thought it greatly improved coverage and their ability to visualize disinfection. Surveyed workers anecdotally stated that spraying bleach alone is a respiratory irritant and health hazard, but that Highlight®-enhanced bleach mitigated the harsh effects of bleach, making it smell better, less irritating, and safer to use.

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Kinnos (Brooklyn, NY) aims to raise the standard of infection prevention to protect healthcare workers, patients, and the general public from infection. Their first product, Highlight®, is a patent-pending point-of-use additive that greatly improves visibility, coverage, and end-user compliance of disinfectants. Highlight® is used by HazMat and biosafety units, was a winner of the USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge, and has been field-tested by NGOs and healthcare workers in Liberia, Guinea, and Haiti. For more information, visit:

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