Highlight® isn't just a pretty tool - our technology is backed by hard data. When lives are on the line, we take the science seriously. Learn more about Highlight® through peer-reviewed research and literature below.

Evaluation of novel chemical additive that colorizes chlorine-based disinfectants to improve visualization of surface coverage. Mustapha A, Cadnum JL, Alhmidi H, Donskey CJ. Am J Infect Control. 2018;46(1):119-121.

"Our results suggest that addition of Highlight® to chlorine-based disinfectants could increase the ability of personnel to identify sites of application for up to 3 minutes without adversely affecting efficacy against pathogens. Highlight® could be useful during environment cleaning training sessions or potentially as a routine additive for all manual cleaning with chlorine-based disinfectants."

Field-testing of a novel color indicator added to chlorine solutions used for decontamination of surfaces in Ebola Treatment Units. Kang J, Tyan KS, Jin K, Kyle AM. J Hosp Infect. 2017 Nov 21. In press.

"Disinfection with chlorine solution was used in West Africa to prevent transmission of Ebola virus disease. This study surveyed 94 healthcare personnel and community leaders in Liberia and Guinea to assess understanding of disinfection and evaluate feedback on the perceived usefulness of Highlight®, a new color indicator designed to improve chlorine disinfection procedures. Using a Likert-type scale questionnaire, respondents agreed or strongly agreed (p < 0.0001) that Highlight® improved coverage of chlorine solution and feelings of confidence.