Highlight®: Making infection prevention easy

Highlight® simultaneously addresses key issues in infection prevention and control:

  • Infections resulting from poor decontamination: Highlight® provides real-time color-change feedback to enforce thoroughness of cleaning and prevent infections.

  • Infrequent training and high turnover: Highlight® trains users on surface coverage and disinfectant contact times every single time the product is used, transcending language and education barriers.

  • Damaging effects of bleach: Highlight® has been shown to significantly reduce the corrosiveness of bleach, protecting surfaces and equipment from damage.

Highlight® Wipes

Delight your patients and pass Joint Commission inspections with ease. Highlight ® Wipes empowers housekeeping staff and healthcare staff to be confident in their work to reduce HAIs and antimicrobial resistance. Enforce real-time quality control and real-time compliance every single time a surface is disinfected.

Highlight® Powder

Field-tested in Liberia, Guinea, Haiti, DR Congo, and Uganda for Ebola and cholera outbreaks to protect healthcare workers and patients. Used by leading HazMat and biosafety organizations for routine decontamination. Training on disinfectant coverage and contact time every single time the product is used.

The Facts



of surfaces are thoroughly cleaned in healthcare settings


greater risk of infection when exposed to contaminated surfaces

1 in 25

patients contract a healthcare-associated infection (HAI), aka, an infection they got from the hospital

The result? Over 99,000 deaths and $45 billion dollars lost.

Every single year.

The problem

Human error is responsible for most environmental cleaning failures. Disinfectants are our first line of defense, but they're not so easy to use correctly.

The problem is that disinfectants:


1) Are transparent. 

Making it easy to miss spots.


2) Form droplets on waterproof surfaces.

Leaving gaps in coverage.


3) Require a specific contact time to kill.

But it's difficult to enforce compliance with waiting long enough.

Simply choosing a disinfectant isn't enough. Process matters too.

The solution

Highlight® is a patented color additive for disinfectants designed to improve the fundamental basics of front-line environmental cleaning and eliminate human error by:


1) Colorizing disinfectants blue.

So you never miss a spot.


2) Modifying liquid properties.

To cover and adhere to any surface.


3) Fading in color from blue to clear.

To provide real-time feedback when decontamination is done.


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